The Great Pocketbook Of Quotes (Hardcover)


Since the beginning of time, many great things have been said by very wise people. These wise words have been said in order to motivate and inspire us to take action and improve the quality of our lives.

Reading quotes on a daily basis can help you stay fully motivated and inspired every day! This is one of the most important feelings we need as human beings to change and improve our lives. For those who are seeking to become successful, having your mindset continuously on the positivity channel and your energy level at 100% is a must!

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Dutch author, entrepreneur, public speaker, and investor Jean Pierre Doran collaborated with entrepreneur Richard van der Ark and great friend Bono Heijnen to share their personal collections of favorite quotes from a wide range of wise men and women.
We go to the gym to keep our bodies healthy and in good condition. It is a fact that a healthy body lasts longer, so you increase your chance of living longer by exercising your body. We eat food to live. Those who eat healthily increase their chances of living longer. So, we feed and train our bodies but why do we not feed and train our ways of mind and spirit?

The mind needs equal attention for there is a delicate balance between mind and body, which will help you live longer. So you have to take care of both the body and the mind (and the soul). Keep your mind sharp and agile by reading and learning throughout your whole life.

Through this book, we want to encourage you to read one quote every day in order to keep you high in your energy, motivated, and inspired so you can handle any hurdle you encounter on your path. It will raise your energy levels, keeping you sharp and agile.

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